Frequently Asked Questions

If the list below does not answer any of your questions, please contact our Whatsapp line – 071 686 7733.
Send your name, surname and query. We will answer as soon as possible.

Dear OPTOG! virtual audience member,

Thank you for your support!

We’d love to assist you so you can also enjoy a show! Some reasons why you might be experiencing some difficulty tuning in include: poor/unstable internet connection, the use of an incompatible search engine or trouble connecting to your online banking system.

Nevertheless, we want to ensure that you have an enjoyable e-concert experience with us!

Please note: You can purchase any e-ticket at any time and enjoy access to any e-concert on demand.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

A: To log in, please visit, click on the “LOG IN” – button in the main menu. Log in with your username and password. Click “remember me” and then click on the red “LOG IN” button.

A: Visit and click on ‘LOG IN’ in the main menu.

On this page, below the ‘LOG IN’ button, you will see a link to ‘RESET YOUR PASSWORD’.
By clicking on this link, you will be redirected to a reset page.

1. Enter your email address
2. Click on ‘RESET PASSWORD’
3. Check your email inbox (be sure to check your SPAM)
4. Click on the link provided in the email
5. Enter your new password
6. Click on ‘SAVE’

Once completed, you will be redirected to the login page. Enter your email / username and your new password. Congratulations, you’ve reset your password!

A: You can purchase a gift card for someone else. (This is the only way to send store credit / a ticket to someone else.)

See the video below:

A: Once someone has purchased a gift card for you on the OPTOG! website, you will receive an email containing the Gift Card. When opening the email, you will be able to see who sent it to you along with a personal message from the sender. This email will indicate the value of the gift card.

This email will also contain the gift card code and a button that will direct you to the OPTOG! e-library.

1. Click on the button and select the e-concert you want to apply the gift card code on
2. Click on ‘ADD TO BASKET’
3. Here you will see a tab for gift cards with a ‘Use it here’ button to click on
4. Copy the gift card code from the email
5. Paste it in the box indicated
6. Click on ‘APPLY GIFT CARD’
7. Scroll down and click on ‘PROCEED TO CHECKOUT’
8. Enter your billing information
9. Click on ‘PLACE ORDER’

See the video below:

A: Login to your account on our OPTOG! webpage, click on ‘E-Library’ in the menu tab and select the show you want to purchase.

A: Go to “e-kaartjies” (e-tickets) and click on the red “kyk nou” (view) button.

A: It’s possible that either your device or the player is muted. Please check these settings. (The first 30sec doesn’t have sound)

A: Your network might be congested/unstable or your internet connection is slow. Another reason might be that the default visual resolution settings are too low for the device you are using. Please click on the gear icon in the bottom right hand corner and select a higher resolution. If your internet bandwidth is capped, you might need to pause to allow the video to buffer.

A: Your payment might still be processing or incomplete. If you don’t see your e-ticket in your account, please send us a Whatsapp – 071 686 7733

A: Our e-concerts are only available to watch on

A: Yes! Your ticket is active for 72 hours. You can watch the show as much as you want before it expires. You are welcome to re-purchase the e-ticket after expiry.

A: The e-concerts are part of our long-term Video-on-Demand platform. (E-BIBLIOTEEK)

Each e-ticket gives you access to the selected show for 72 hours.

A: When going to the theatre, you purchase one ticket that grants you entry/access to the show. Consequently, one e-ticket grants you access to one e-concert. We understand that technology can let us down and anyone may experience some technical issues, ‘loadshedding’, slow internet connection or unforeseen circumstances that may prohibit you from watching the e-concert as planned. For that reason we allow a 72 hour grace-period to ensure that each viewer gets a fair chance to enjoy the show.

A: To stream an e-concert off of your TV, firstly, you need a smart TV.

Open up your browser on your TV, either Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. and type in in the search tab.
From here, open the website and continue as you would on a smartphone or a laptop.

A: Connect your laptop or computer to your TV using a VGA/HDMI cable.

Incase you still have any questions, please email us on

We appreciate your continued support!